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All our chef dishes are available with-      
Chicken Tikka   £8.95 £6.95
Lamb Tikka   £8.95 £6.95
King Prawn   £10.95 £9.95

35. Lamb Neheri (on the bone) £7.95 / £6.95
Lamb slow braised in a traditional Punjabi Hindi to seal in all the natural flavours, lamb slow cooked with Black cardomons, mixed spices, coriander, cinnamon, garlic, ginger and curry leaves, simmered in a medium spiced velvety smooth caramelised onion and fresh coriander sauce.

36. Lucknow Ghos
Baby lamb or chicken marinated overnight in our own blend of spices, yoghurt, ginger, mustard oil and mace, slow cooked in a mild to medium heat sauce topped with toasted onions.

37. Achari Ghos
Lamb or chicken cooked in a medium to hot sauce made from roasted aniseed, mustard seeds, cinnamon bay leaves and fried onions in olive oil, tossed with limes juice, fennel and chilli powder, topped with chopped chilli.

38. Keema Mutter
Minced lamb and peas cooked with onions, chopped green chilli, garam masala, pepper, and curry powder.

39. Nawabi Josh
A mild to medium heat dish cooked with onions, garlic, chilli powder and mace, topped with roasted garlic.

40. Shashlick Bhuna
Lamb or Chicken Barbecued peppers, onions, tomatoes and marinated meats cooked with a hint of mustard seed.

41. Mirch Murgh or Lamb
The Hottest of our dishes, a sauce made with red and green chilli, onions, and aromatic ground spices, tossed with sliced onions, capsicums, mustard and coriander seeds and roasted chilli flakes topped with ginger.


42. Tandoori Butter Chicken
Boneless tandoori chicken cooked in a creamy butter sauce, made with almond flakes a touch of coconut, onions, cream and a touch of tomato paste to give a slightly sweet buttery and creamy flavour.

43. Bollywood Masala   £8.95 £6.95

Tandoori chicken off the bone, sliced lamb tikka & siced chicken with herbs and fresh cream.

44. Crispy Duck Rezala   £10.95 £9.95

Bangladeshi style cooked with onion, green peper, chilli and sweetsour sauce.

45. Salmon Rezala   £12.95 £11.95

Salmon cubes tempered with mustard seeds, bay leaves, onions and garlic, simmered in a medium heat infused sauce made with coconut milk, chopped red chilli, pepper, saffron and fresh coriander.

46. Goa Prawn Massala   £11.95 £9.95

Black tiger prawns tossed in garlic, curry leaves, turmeric and chefs own blend of fish spices, simmered in a sauce made from coarsely chopped onions, capsicums and lime leaves.

47. Mix Sea food Rezala   £10.95 £9.95

Mix sea Food cokked Bangladeshi style with onion, green pepper, chilli and sweet sour sauce.

48. Bengal Masli   £10.95 £8.95

Bangal fish cooked with our own special curry sauce.

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