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73 Tofu Pad Memuang
  £7.25 £6.25

Crispy tofu Stir-fried with onions, peppers, cashew nuts and a touch of chilli. (CONTAINS NUTS)

74 Tofu Priew Wan   £7.25 £6.25

Stir-fried tofu with mixed vegetables in a Thai sweet and sour sauce

75 Hed Pad Khing   £7.25 £6.25

Thai style stir-fried sheetake mushrooms with fresh ginger, spring onions and garlic

76 Kaeng Kiew Wan   £7.25 £6.25

Thai green curry with mixed vegetables and tofu

77 Kaeng Ped   £7.25 £6.25

Thai red curry with mixed vegetables and tofu



    IN OUT
78 Kaeng Massaman   £7.25 £6.25

A Muslim influenced curry from the southern regions of Thailand slowly cooked with mixed vegetables, coconut potatoes and peanuts. (CONTAINS NUTS)

79 Kaeng Penang   £7.25 £6.25

Slowly cooked thickened Panang curry with mixed vegetables coconut milk and lime leaves

80 Crispy Aubergine with Sweet Chilli Sauce   £7.25 £6.25

A dish of crispy aubergine stir-fried with a sweet and sour sauce

81 Pad Krapao Hed   £7.25 £6.25

Stir-fried sheetake mushrooms with fresh chilli, Thai leaves, garlic, onions and peppers



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